Four WiFi Network Names That Go Above And Beyond

Four WiFi Network Names That Go Above And Beyond

Aside from speedy WiFi, one of the best parts of getting a new router is picking your own network name. Instead of resorting to the standard “WiFi Network Apt 2,” take some creative inspiration from our favorite network names below. Your neighbors will certainly chuckle the next time they open their WiFi drop-down menu and hey, maybe they won’t even try to steal your WiFi signal.

“U kids get off my LAN”

This WiFi network name is for the tech-savvy grandfather who’s just as protective of his WiFi as he is of his freshly mowed lawn. He uses his WiFi to stream baseball games on ESPN, even though kids these days just aren’t hitting home runs like they used to. Ultimately, this old-man crabby attitude is just a front — rumor has it that he’s the number one Redditor on r/aww.

“So you’re only interested in my WiFi? Try Starbucks”

This one’s for the young cafe owner who has had enough of all the people mooching off her WiFi instead of her delicious pastries. When she’s not browsing food blogs for recipe ideas, she’s getting inspiration for her business by binge-watching Girlboss on Netflix.

“Mom use this one”

The teen who’s been asked one too many times to connect the thingy is setting the record straight once and for all with this network name. When she’s not using the WiFi to troubleshoot her mom’s Facebook page (don’t post your comment as a status, Mom!), this teen enjoys watching Casey Neistat vlogs on YouTube.

“Steve, stop stealing our WiFi”

This is the exasperated roommate who is trying to work from home but can’t even send an email because Steve is hogging the WiFi with his non-stop Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gaming. Good thing there’s a WiFi router (hint: it rhymes with Shmortal) that solves this classic case of WiFi congestion that’s causing the slow WiFi for Steve and his roomies.

If those network names don’t get your creative juices flowing, try some of our other favorites:

  • “Pretty Fly for A WiFi”
  • “Drop It Like It’s Hotspot”
  • “FBI Surveillance Van”

Do you have any great network names that have impressed you? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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