4 Gadgets Guaranteed to be a Father’s Day Hit

4 Gadgets Guaranteed to be a Father’s Day Hit

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate your Dad and spend some quality time together—whether that entails going on a hike, grilling, or just grabbing a beer and catching the latest game on TV. But while it only happens once a year, the gift you give your pops can make a lasting impression. To save you from impulse buying yet another pair of socks or a tie, we’ve compiled a few gadgets that are guaranteed to make you the child of the year.

1) WiFi-enabled drone under $100

Drones have been picking up steam for a while—you’ve most likely seen one zooming around or maybe even tried to fly one yourself. The DBPOWER UDI U818A WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone is sure to grab Dad’s attention, whether he’s a tech enthusiast or just young at heart. It comes with an HD camera that streams directly to your phone while you fly. Keep an eye on where you’re going by snapping your phone into a remote, or by using an app to turn any smartphone into a remote control. The Quadcopter is even WiFi-enabled, making it that much easier for Dad to explore the neighborhood from above while taking a break from grilling. Get it here on Amazon for only $99.98.

2) Thermostat that learns your habits

If Dad likes the temperature just right, the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd generation) will be a game-changer. It learns your habits and shifts your environment accordingly, and its sleek design won’t throw off the rest of the house decor. This device will also let Dad make adjustments on his smartphone while he’s away, track energy use, and make suggestions for conserving energy going forward. Buy it here from Home Depot for $249. The new voice-enabled Ecobee4 is another great option—it’s the first room sensor that comes built-in with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. All you have to do is ask a question, and a blue light on top of the thermostat will blink in response. Dad won’t even have to leave the comfort of his couch, since the Ecobee4 can hear him from across the room. Buy it here for $249.

3) Streaming stick with remote-finding function

Whether Dad recently cut the cable cord or needs his House of Cards fix on Netflix, a streaming stick will catch him up to speed. The Roku Ultra is equipped with voice search to help you binge easier, and is compatible with 4K Ultra HD displays for crystal-clear picture quality. It also includes a handy “Find My Remote” function so Dad will never have to deep-dive in the couch cushions again! Get it here from Best Buy for $109.99.

4) A WiFi router that offers a seamless, uninterrupted connection

None of the gadgets above will work properly if you have a poor WiFi connection. Save Dad from spending hours restarting the router by getting him a Portal smart WiFi router. It uses additional frequency to improve router speeds and provide a seamless, uninterrupted connection. And, to help you catch that game-winning play or capture the best images from your WiFi-enabled drone, we’ve discounted Portal for a limited time—it’s currently on Amazon for $148. Use this link with the coupon code LUVDAD17 to get an additional 15% off.

Whether your Dad just wants to kick back and relax this Father’s Day or try out something new, these gadgets are guaranteed to keep him entertained. And, if you’ve got a case of sticker shock, see if a sibling wants to pitch in—they’ll likely appreciate the time you saved them!

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