Five Ways to Binge Watch Orange is the New Black This Weekend like a Pro

Five Ways to Binge Watch Orange is the New Black This Weekend like a Pro

Did you manage to avoid the series of leaked spoilers from Orange is the New Black’s fifth season? Even if you couldn’t avoid the spoilers, we all know that when the weekend rolls around and Karl the Fog is lingering over San Francisco, you’ll be dying to know if your predictions (somewhat influenced by the exposed episode descriptors) are on point.

Whether you’re indulging in the fifth season of OITNB alone or with friends, here's everything you need to make sure those canceled weekend plans are worth it.

Go rouge: Because there’s no better way to spend your day than binge watching Netflix, first start by canceling all plans. While you’re at it, close the loop on all work-related items and silence your phone. You only have 72-hours so you don’t want to fall victim to distractions like Facebook or Instagram. Luckily, all inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary don’t have access to their beloved tech, so this should help you zone in.

Preserve your energy: There’s nothing worst than when Piper and Alex are having a heated conversation, and your computer dies. You’re better than this – before sitting down (for what could be hours), make sure you’re set up for success with your computer charger nearby.

Claim your territory: Next, let those primal instincts that so frequently take form in OITNB set in and cozy up on your couch with the best blanket you’ve got. Remember, binge watching is a skill and you don’t want to let everyone down at work on Monday with the old, “Oh no, sorry, I’m a few episodes behind,” response. Don’t be that guy.

Streaming lifeline: Just like every Crazy Eyes needs a Dandelion, every WiFi router needs a lifeline. Portal’s smart WiFi router is the perfect solution. It provides an interruption-free streaming experience, especially when there’s router congestion in high-density neighborhoods (aka your apartment) and keeps Netflix bingers connected to their WiFi at all times.

Order in: Don’t be like season-one Piper: miserable, hungry, and hanging on to her yuppie nature. Plan ahead and have your favorite take-out restaurant on speed-dial so you’re ready when your cravings hit (most likely during a Litchfield cafeteria scene).

From the limited spoilers we’ve seen, it looks like the season will take place over a three-day period (all the more reason to watch it this weekend) and if some of our predictions are right, OITNB fans are in for an intense ride.

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